Move Easy with ANYVAN

I have been a buyer of antiques from all over the world, particularly Asia for over 3 years now. My
collections of vintage fixtures were featured in a lot of fashion spread magazines interior design columns such as Trendland and Uptowngirlfashion magazine websites. The Wooden pieces that are durable and that have a particular sense of history are often a best seller. However it has always been a challenge for me, to move my priceless items from one country to the other, as they are so fragile and needed to be handled with utmost care… not to mention that they have to be delivered on time for my valued A list clientele. Until, I sought the assistance of It seems like you have a custom made van that best fits the requirement of your items. They have everything that you need in a Courier.

1930's Carved Roos Cedar Chest

All you need to do is post your business needs for the products you want delivered and viola, bids start coming in for your best options. The latest collection I had purchased from the Philippines, the exquisite 1930′s Carved Roos Cedar Chest, the huge Spanish Colonial Chest and classic round Mahogany table, which needed to be transported from Liverpool to London, United Kingdom for the yearly auction made it on time and in good condition. They were a stunner and my clients were pleased. Business is booming and will continue to be, thanks to the ever dependable Anyvan.