Buying Back Time

Buying Back Time

It’s not a news flash that one of the easiest ways to avoid pre-mature ageing is hydration. The amount of water we drink and the moisturizing products we use are two of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to maintain elasticity in our skin for the long term – and keep us away from injections and scalpels!

But, what about reversing the signs of ageing? What about those many women who Father Time has already had his way with?

Is going under the knife really the only effective way to turn back the clock? In short: No.

Yes, it’s true, the more research that is done the more proof we have that the most effective way to staying wrinkle-free is starting young and living a healthy lifestyle – one without smoking, direct sun exposure, and an antioxidant rich diet. But, ladies who have missed this boat (the ones who slathered themselves in baby oil for a fashionable suntan during the ‘80s) can also benefit by the incredible results this research has provided. For example, we know that advanced ageing due to sun damage and smoking is because they speed up the breakdown of collagen. We now also know that products containing peptides can help reproduce collagen and help heal wounds, reversing some of this deterioration. There is a lot of information out there on what ingredients to look for, what works and what doesn’t.

While I’m all for reading labels to ensure what I do want is in my daily moisturizer, what about the stuff I don’t want? Chemicals, allergens – all of those pesky ingredients that I don’t trust. I’ve been hooked on Vbeauté products recently because they remedy this issue for me, and their Buying Time Moisturizer is no different. I have incredibly sensitive skin and a trillion allergies, so finding a product that get the job done but is mild enough can be a struggle. This hydration dream is gluten, paraben, fragrance, nut and oat free, as well as vegan.

I guess what it comes down to is being just as smart about what we put on our bodies as what we put in our bodies. It isn’t too late to make the small changes, and what I can tell you is there are plenty of options available!